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Crafted locally, internationally authentic

Beer, mead, and braggot (a drink that combines both) are made in Manheim for both Artifice and Meduseld Meadery in Lancaster. Artifice offers a variety of beers and meads. The beer is produced in styles that fit well with our food menu. Brewing happens in small batches on location, allowing Artifice to constantly offer new beer and mead.


Our Beer is lovingly crafted with international style guidelines serving as our touchstone. From there we mimic water profiles from the places those styles originated, and we even use imported grain and special yeast strains from the regions of the world that made those styles popular. In one word—intentionality. Our barrel aging program is just getting started, so stay on the lookout for these very special offerings!


Our Mead is widely acclaimed as some of the best people have tasted! We use locally-sourced honey from Wampler's, right here in Manheim. Draft style mead that range from honey forward flavor profiles to something more akin a fruit cider are our specialty, yet we still occasionally do bottle releases of very special barrel-aged wine strength varieties too.


  • 55 N Main St
    Manheim, PA 17545


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  • Free, ample parking is available via the REO Manheim Marketplace parking lot.